Glaser Amusement offers the best amusement equipment. We specialize in custom Touch Tunes sound systems for your Sports Bar, Tavern, Saloon, or Pub. Our goal is to help you choose the best sound system and highest earning games that will keep your customers coming back.

Some of the benefits in choosing Glaser Amusement are:


We understand equipment downtime. To us, downtime means the same thing as it does to you. So, we service all of our equipment on-site or in our depot as quickly as possible.

Customer Service

Glaser Amusements reputation for service is supreme and our successful history proves we strive for the best earning potential, even during tough economical times.

On-Site Technical Support

Glaser Amusement has earned the honor of excellent customer service. Our staff is factory trained for on-site technical repair.

Remote Technical Support

Glaser Amusement can also provide remote technical services with remote enabled platforms to minimize cost impact and downtime.

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